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Valerie Bastien, Teacher & Vocal Coach, Toronto
Voice Yourself is a teaching resource offering incredible tips to
find your natural dynamic speaking voice and maintain it.  Avoid
vocal fatigue!  I'd like to share with you my fascination for the
voice and my love for teaching.  
This website is a way for me to
combine my two passions and help other teachers and singers
concerned with the health of their vocal cords. 
We often forget
how much of an impact teaching has on the voice and vice versa.  

Let's face it; vocal cords are the number one tool in expressing
our ideas.  When sharing knowledge or during classroom
management, students respond better to a clear, confident and
beautiful voice.  To learn more about how to use your speaking
voice correctly with breathing and placement exercises, health
tips and more, please scroll through the pages of Voice Yourself!
Check out my book and contact me for additional information on
how I can help you care for your voice.  Speak and sing your
heart out!

Attention Teachers and Singers!
I am currently accepting new voice students.
Please contact me to book a private lesson at:  

I have put together simple strategies to help you take
control over your voice and maximize the benefits it
can bring you and your students.  Click on the links
 to your left to find out more…  Enjoy! 

-Valerie Bastien, OCT

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