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Valerie Bastien, Teacher & Vocal Coach, Toronto
Valerie Bastien is the creator of "Voice
Yourself in the Classroom".
Valerie Bastien is a musician at heart and an educator by choice.  Formerly
trained as a classical singer, she obtained her Baccalaureate in Fine Arts
(Specialization Music Performance) from Concordia University in 1998. 
She also studied classical guitar at Vanier College.  If you have ever set foot
in Old Montreal during the mid-nineties, you might have heard her
coloratura voice resonate throughout Place Jacques-Cartier where she was
once regularly performing opera arias as a street artist.

Valerie moved to Toronto not long after and put her music projects on hold
to reorient her career.  She graduated from University of Ottawa in 2003
with a second Baccalaureate in Education.  She has since been teaching at
the elementary level, currently for the Toronto District School Board.  Her
focus is on languages (French Immersion) and the arts.  Her contributions in
these areas include working in collaboration with Chenelière Education in
creating the serie “Quelle aventure!” on extreme sports targeting the interest
of young male readers.  In 2005, Valerie published a teacher’s guide and
resource entitled: “Y para
ît que…”.  This complete unit for grade 7 and 8
French Immersion students is entirely based on the
’s web animated Canadian legends of the same title.  It
provides fun but challenging activities integrating Languages (French),
Technology, Visual Arts, Drama and History.

Faced with the demands of raising her voice constantly to address her class,
a bunch of energetic students, Valerie started struggling
with vocal difficulties

almost 10 years ago.  This was of great concern seeing that she loved singing so much.  In an effort to terminate her
health issues, she dived back into her research of vocal techniques.  After realizing that vocal problems were in fact quite
common within the teaching community, she was inspired to write “Voice Yourself in the Classroom”.  Her book is directly
intended to meet the vocal needs of teachers.  It offers strategies to find one’s natural dynamic speaking voice: a voice that
will project easily, feel good, sound great and of course, last.

Private lessons are available in the Toronto, ON area or through Skype if you live in another part of the world.  Please click
on the link to your left for further information.  

Valerie loves writing folk songs.  Her music has a world/new age feel and is slightly influenced by her classical training
background.  Listen to her music at: www.ValerieBastien.com

Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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