Althought I have stopped writing monthly newsletters, they are still an excellent source of information on vocal health and
other topics    that inspired me at the time.  Enjoy!
Date of Issue Topics
December 09 Speak From The Heart!
Humans versus Animals
Voice Yourself: The Newsletter is coming to an End!
The Best Birthday Gift Ever!
November 09 Funny Exercises to Feel the Natural Dynamic Voice!
Vocal Warm-Up
A Couple Of Songs
The Secret To Be Successful
October 09 Battling the Common Cold and Flu Viruses
The N1H1 Swine Virus
My Music!
Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner
September 09 Are You Vocally Prepared?
Going Back to School is Stressful
Purifying Your Space
Welcome Back to School!
June 09 Being Perseverant and Letting the Ego Go!
The Ego
Summer is Just Around the Corner!
A Rare Find...
May 09 Can You Feel It?
10 Reasons to Encourage Kids to Sing in the School Choir
School Spring Concerts
More on my School Performances!
April 09 About Shush and Whispering
Take a Closer Look at the Vocal Cords
The International Noise Awareness Day
I'm Proud!
March 09 Your Natural Speaking Pitch
The Adam's Apple
Report Card Time!
February 09 Listen To Yourself
Starting Fresh...
Voice Appeal!
January 09 2008 Recap!
10 Ways To Start 2009 On Vocally Positive Note
New Year's Resolutions
Happy 2009!
December 08 Dosing Up On Vitamin C
How To Avoid The Common Cold Virus
Being Authentic
Report Cards, Interviews and Happy Holidays!
November 08 Candy Alert!
Acidic or Alkaline?
Choral Symposia
The Importance of Story Telling
October 08 Breathe and Relax!
Demystifying the Diaphragm
Get Active
Voice Lessons
September 08 Establishing a Classroom Routine that Promotes Vocal Health
Vocal Health Costs
My Good Luck Charm
Welcome Back to School!
June 08 Cheering and Crowd Encouragement
Singing for Health
Voice Yourself is Taking the Summer Off
Cheering is Fun!
May 08 Seasonal Allergies
About Allergens and Allergies
"Voice Yourself: The Newsletter": Past Issues Availlable Online
Better Yourself Today!
April 08 Silence is Golden!
Insulating Your Classroom Against Noise
The Annual International Noise Awareness Day
Meditation in the Classroom!
March 08 Find Your Voice on a Laugh
The Vocal Cords
Update on my Upcoming Book
Singing with my Dog
February 08 Voice Placement
Bel Canto and the Mask
FREE Warm-up Exercises
The Power of Vibrations
January 08 Deep Breathing
Quality Indoor Air in your Classroom
Private Consultations
Happy New Year!
December 07 Five Top Tips to Prevent Colds
The Common Cold
Report Cards 
Difficulties and Weaknesses are Opportunities to Learn
November 07 How Eating Sweets Affects the Voice
How Much Voicing Do Teachers Do in a Day?
Raise Your Voice (2nd edition)
Tell Me About Your Stories

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