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 Speaking seems so natural that we sometimes forget how fragile the vocal cords actually are.  Did you know that most teachers experience
 vocal disorders at some point during their career?

 The Vocal Cords
 Watch a video of the larynx box. This is a wonderful example of how
 healthy vocal cords function (you will be redirected to ENT USA).

Click on picture
 Answer a few questions to see if you're at risk of developing symptoms
 of vocal abuse: 
 Common Vocal Disorders
 Improper voice placement and overuse can lead to serious vocal
 injuries.  Click the links to your right for definitions and laryngoscopies.
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   If you have been experiencing any of the symptoms described above, please visit a ENT specialist
as soon as possible.
 Some vocal disorders can easily be prevented with proper voice placement.  
 I would love to teach you how to do that!  Please check out my book or contact me for more info
on voice lessons...

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