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December 1st, 2008                                                                  Find your natural dynamic speaking voice and maintain it!
Vocal Tip of the Month!
Dosing Up On Vitamin C

The truth about Vitamin C working as a preventing agent against colds and flu is that it can be fairly effective if you know how to take it.  Vitamin C is known to have strong anti-bacteria components.  At the first onset of a cold, overdosing on Vitamin C can actually eliminate or improve one's cold symptoms.  There is no health risk in taking exaggerated amounts of vitamins C during times of crisis because your body will take care of eliminating the excess naturally.  Just be prepared for multiple washroom trips!  The easiest way to do this would be to take 500 mg of Vitamins C every two hours until the symptoms start to diminish* and you feel better.

A lot of people, choose to take their daily intake of Vitamin C via drinking orange juice every morning at breakfast and with other meals as well.  I would advise against drinking orange juice (or other citrus juices) when sick.  Unless freshly pressed, juices are extremely acidic.  In addition, citrus juice have especially high levels of histamins adding to the one naturally released by your antibodies when fighting symptoms of a cold.  Histamine produces the tissue inflammation that is responsible for sore throats and stuffy or runny noses.  That explains why most cold remedies are based on anti-histaminic medicine.  Instead, eat fresh whole fruits with low acidic and histamine levels like these:


I'm personally big on smoothies.  I have them for lunch several times a week.  A quick recipe is to use a combination of any of these fruits to fill up your blender.  Wash well and leave the skin on (when eatable obviously!) before you cut up your fruits in small pieces.  Add a cup of milk or spring water, a tiny bit of freshly pressed lemon juice or pour open a couple capsules of Vitamin C in your smoothie to prevent it from oxidizing.  Press "Chop" (leave it for a minute or so), then "Puree" and finally "Liquify"!  This will give you up to 4-5 portions.  Drink over the next 48-72 hours.  It's healthy and yummy!

*Jaime Vendera.  Vendera Publishing, Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition. p. 162 

Interesting Facts
How to Avoid the Common Cold Virus

It's not even winter yet and many teachers at my school have already gotten sick at least once. At the risk of sounding redundant, let me repeat my Top 5 tips from last year to avoid catching a cold or the flu.  

1)  Take calcium/magnesium and Vitamin C supplements every day to keep an alkaline Ph level in your body and make it less vulnerable to viruses.
2)  Wash your hands often, keep them away from your face and avoid touching door knobs with bare hands to open doors. Be considerate of others; cough in your sleeve rather than in your hands to avoid spreading the virus later.  
3)  Use organic menthol, eucalyptus and camphor-based products to treat a sore throat and congested nose.
4)  Drink lots of water to keep your vocal cords hydrated.  Add a little bit of raw honey to your cup of water to gently coat a dried and sore throat.  Better yet, add some lemon and breathe its steam to relieve a stuffy nose.  
5)  Stay home and rest for your own sake and everyone else's!

Inspiring Quotes and Stories...

Being authentic

Life can be full of surprises, good and bad: Where has the love gone?  Why is it so difficult just to be and let the goodness take the lead?  Existence can be overwhelmingly complicated when getting away from the basics and what really matters. I wanna get my feet back to the ground.  This is what being authentic means to me:

-Be myself
-Open my eyes to the world
-Keep an open mind
-Never pretend
-Always try my best
-Practice what I preach
-Stay true to my convictions
-Stand for what I believe in
-Think before I speak and mean every word of it
-Follow my intuition
-Face my decisions
-Admit failure
-Accept responsibility
-Never look back; have no regrets
-Look inside and around me for inspiration
-Not being afraid to say "I love you!"
-Love with no expectation
-Be kind
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Congratulations to all my fellow teacher colleagues who worked really hard on completing their first term report cards!  Well done, everyone!  Parent interviews are coming shortly; good luck!

I'd like to take a moment in wishing everybody a happy and safe holiday season.  I hope that as many of you as possible can make it through the holiday vacations cold-free.  If you're going somewhere hot, I'm jealous ;)  Just kidding, I'm happy for you!  For everybody else, enjoy the magic of the season, but most importantly, rest and have fun!  For us Canadians, I hope it'll be a white one :)  See you in 2009!
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