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 January 1st, 2008                                                                  Find your natural dynamic speaking voice and maintain it!
Vocal Tip of the Month!
The voice is activated by breath.  Therefore, knowing how to breathe is of prime important in using your voice correctly.  

The most common mistake people make during inhalation, is to raise their chest to take a big breath.  If you do that, you will only fill the upper portion of your lungs using 1/3 of their full capacity.  Instead, take a deep breath and don't be shy to let your stomach come out.  To support your voice during speech and to activate your diaphragm, apply downward pressure during exhalation.  Do not tuck your belly in.  That will only create tension on your larynx and crush your vocal cords.  Slightly push downward just like if you were blowing out candles on a birthday cake.  Only a tiny bit of pressure is required to support the voice, especially the speaking voice.  Practice deep breathing to relax or to help you concentrate.  If you feel dizzy the first couple times, don't worry...  You will soon get used to breathing correctly.  Please, just don't do this while you're driving!

Interesting Facts

As we spend most of our time indoors, fresh air shortage can affect our health greatly. Because of their quick metabolism and smaller breathing passages, children are more vulnerable to pollutants, viruses and allergens.  Clean air goes a long way in influencing how students behave in your classroom.  It's somewhat easy to regulate air quality in your home but not so much in your school.  However, you can still help. Health Canada has published a useful guide* to help admistration and staff promoting quality indoor air in schools. Use the classroom check list below to find out how to improve the air quality in your classroom.

Classroom Air Quality Checklist

* Health Canada.  Environmental & Workplace Health,  Tools for Schools.
What's Happening?
I will be accepting voice students starting in January.  I can help you with your speaking voice or your singing as you wish.  Please contact me for further information at

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Let's all celebrate our blessings in the New Year!  "Thank you" are the most powerful words you will ever say and hear.  Yes, the thoughts and feelings of gratitude can transform your life and spread joy to many around you.  I also want to take this opportunity to wish you love, health and success for 2008.   Click below to view my New Year ecard to you:

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